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Janssen Red Angus
Wade, Pate & Case

Janssen Red Angus
Travis and Mesa

Our ranch began as a commercial operation which was using Red Angus in its crossbreeding program until 1998; when we added the registered Red Angus cows to our business.  This herd had previously been owned by RX Cattle Company and had been producing seedstock bulls and females for the previous 20 years.  At present, the production of Red Angus and SimAngus bulls is the main focus of our business.  However; we have maintained our commercial cowherd and sell steers and commercial bred heifers.  We believe that keeping the commercial cowherd has helped us to stay focused on what is important to the commercial cowman.

We manage our registered cows the same as our commercial cows in that they are in no way treated differently by the feedtruck.  Our cows are kept on range year round except the 30 days prior to AI when they are grazing out some wheat or triticale.  Calves are never creep fed.  All weaned calves, including sale bulls, are also pastured through the winter on wheat.  Cows are fed range cubes or a lick supplement through the winter, but only fed hay during calving season or during bad weather.  All of our cattle, both commercial and registered, are performance tested.  We take birth, weaning, yearling weights on all cattle and mature weight and BCS all cows at weaning. 

Janssen Red Angus
Kevin, MaLisa, Kirah & Maddison

Janssen Red Angus
Matt, Sydney, Jolie & Thane

One thing we enjoy most is handling our cattle.  Red Angus cattle are already good natured; but add low-stress handling techniques, good horses, and good help, and the experience is amazing!  Our cattle have been exposed to just about everything.  They normally get handled horseback, but they’re also used to dogs, 4wheelers, and people on foot.

Another great part of our business is family, good neighbors, and good friends! We know that without people like this, our business would not be as enjoyable as it is. Family members involved day to day on the ranch are Jack and Roxie (parents); Travis, Delane, 3 boys and a girl; Wade, Pate, Case, and Mesa. We have a son Ross, who is a meteorologist at KWCH TV in Wichita; and daughter Sydney and husband Matt Shepheard and their twins, Jolie and Thane. They live at Williamsburg; Sydney works for Asplundh Tree Expert and Matt is a Territory Customer Support Manager for John Deere. We all enjoy the cattle and the work it entails; including Ross, Sydney, and Matt, who are here to help us during the busy times.

In 2016, we added Kevin Kniffin to our operation on a full time basis.  Kevin has been day working with us part time for quite a few years and so it was an easy transition for all of us to have him here full time once we decided we needed the extra help.  Kevin meets and exceeds all expectations of a seasoned ranch hand.  He is handy with a horse, quiet with the cows, observant, a quick learner, reliable, easy going, and hard working.  We are enjoying having him work with us and helping to improve our efficiency. 

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