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Janssen red angus

Our heifer program consists of heifers we raise out of our herd and heifers out of our customers herds.  The heifers are usually weaned in early October and will receive two rounds of vaccinations, poured, branded, and bangs vaccinated.  They are grazed on wheat pasture until March 1st when they are then moved to a large grass trap where they are offered free-choice hay and liquid protein and can graze winter forage when available.  In March, the heifers are also processed again and vaccinated with PregGuard 10, poured, and yearling weights are taken.  All are managed together in one group and are bull bred to low birth weight bulls from our registered herd.  We do offer some heifers that are AI bred to high accuracy low birth weight sires but numbers of these vary from year to year so be sure to ask.  Over half of the heifer crop is high percentage Red Angus and the rest are red SimAngus and red baldies.  Heifers are ultrasounded for pregnancy and we offer an estimated calving date for each heifer.

 The disposition of these females may be what we enjoy most about them.  All heifers come from herds with great dispositions and we strengthen that by using low-stress cattle handling techniques.  For the most part, these heifers are handled horseback throughout the development phase; however, we also introduce them to being handled with a 4-wheeler, cattle dogs, and a foot.  We want them to be as easy to handle for you as they are for us, no matter what your mode of transportation may be.  Disposition on all heifers sold is GUARANTEED!

As soon as the heifers are ultrasounded for pregnancy, we start down our list of potential buyers.  We don’t always advertise the heifers so Janssen Red Angusplease call anytime to be put on the buyer list or if you just want to discuss the females.  We welcome any calls or visitors to answer questions about our program or to go see the cattle!

Note:  Availability of yearling open heifers is minimal, but we do offer the sale of some registered and commercial open yearlings.  Please call or stop by if you are interested.

Private Treaty Heifer Sales

For more than 25 years we have been marketing Red Angus and Red Angus influenced commercial bred heifers.  This year we have a nice set of heifers going to grass that consist of Red Angus, Red SimAngus, and red baldies.  We will be breeding 300 head of heifers this summer and would like anyone interested in these females to please let us know. 


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